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How To Mix & Use Car Wash Shampoo

Car Wash Shampoo
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How To Mix & Use Car Wash Shampoo

Let's cover how to mix & use car wash shampoo properly with understanding. If you are curious to know why there's a recommended dosage on your soap then you came to the right place.

Why is there a recommended dosage?

Most car shampoo comes with a recommended dosage some car shampoos are pH Neutral while others are not. If you are using a pH-neutral shampoo you are allowed to go over the recommended dosage without worry. However, if your shampoo is not pH-neutral, we advise against going over the recommended dosage as this can potentially damage the paint of your vehicle.

How to mix car wash soap

Dilution ratios are usually visible on the bottle of the product. They are shown in digits like a digital clock (1:50) or (1-50). This means 1 litre of product should be mixed with 50 litres of water or 1ml of product with 50ml of water.

How to mix car wash soap in a foam cannon

For foam cannons, the dilution ratio should always be slightly stronger as after premixing the foam canon gives a second dilution when pushing the foam out of the cannon in which it uses water to force the soap out onto the vehicle. We recommend using only pH-neutral soap in foam cannons as you can play around with the soap ratio based on the amount of pressure the foam cannon is pushing out.

How to use car wash soap

Avoid washing dark colours in direct sunlight as the paint becomes soft when hot, thus making the vehicle prone to swirls and scratches, if you do not have an enclosed area to wash. then rinse the vehicle off with cold water till the paint is cooled off. We recommend using a 2 step bucket method. This is a method where you will have a bucket for washing (with shampoo in) and a water bucket for rinsing dirt particles off the wash mitt before soaking it in the wash bucket for soap.

If you are using a foam cannon you can still follow the 2-step wash method or go down to a 1 bucket method with a grit guard in the bucket to trap dirt inside.

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