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Protect Your Car with Professional Ceramic Coating

Experience the ultimate level of protection and shine with our Ceramic Coating. Our professional-grade coatings offer unbeatable protection against damage from harsh chemicals, bird droppings, weather erosion, sun damage, road grime, tree sap, and high temperature. Say goodbye to constant cleaning, and hello to a stunning glossy shine that will turn heads on the road. 

Western Cape

WashDoc Workshop - Recommended \ Ask us about our vehicle collection and drop-off services

Mobile \ If you would like us to come to you - We require a double garage for 1 vehicle.

West  Coast, Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Heldeberg and CBD Cape Town

For outer-lying  areas please contact us

Professional Grade Coatings from R6000

Professional Ceramic Coating Packages

  • Triple-layered protection with a 9-year guarantee*

    From 9,000 South African rand
  • Double-layered protection with a 9-year guarantee*

    From 7,000 South African rand
  • Double layered 5-Year 9H Ceramic Coating with a 5-Year guarantee*

    From 6,000 South African rand

    From 8,000 South African rand
  • Ceramic coating for matte vehicles with 5 year guarantee*

    From 6,000 South African rand
  • Up to 2 Year PPF/Vinyl Ceramic Coating

    From 6,000 South African rand

Retail Grade Ceramic Coating

Why Ceramic Coating?


A ceramic coating elevates the protection of your paint to the highest level.

Ceramic coatings protect your vehicle from sun damage. The risk of damage from UVA and UVB rays, despite its newness. With continuous exposure to these ultraviolet rays, the clear coat will eventually break down over time. When this happens, oxidation and corrosion occur as oxygen, water, salt, or other road grime encounter exposed metal. Ceramic coatings will block UV rays from touching the clear coat, which eliminates the potential for corrosion and the development of rust on the vehicle’s exterior.

The silky smoothness of ceramic coating helps repel scratches, dirt, mud, acid rain, tar, tree sap, oil, bird droppings, and other dirt sticking to it.

Ceramic Coating enhances and maintains the gloss of the vehicle. No need for unnecessary spending on polishing every time to temporarily restore colour and gloss

Your ceramic coating layer will act as a barrier to swirls and scratches, meaning the scratch will first have to penetrate through the layer of the ceramic coating before scratching the actual paint. Scratch resistance varies from 7H - 10H Hardness.

Unlike paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coatings do not require a technician to remove once it has reached its lifespan.

Ceramic coatings maintain the re-sell value of your vehicle.

Can I apply Ceramic Coating to my brand-new vehicle?

Yes, the sooner the better, before your vehicle gets any serious swirls and scratches which can be caused by washing and the environment. For best results Swirls and scratches will have to be removed before applying a ceramic coating, which could result in extra costs.

But just because you bought a new car doesn’t mean that the paint finish is perfect.

Frequently, factory paint has slight imperfections that require paint correction, which involves polishing the surface to eliminate imperfections. Once the car’s paint and other surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and free of small particles, the nanoparticles will smooth out the surface, filling in any dips or ridges.

Does my dealership approve of Ceramic Coating?​

Ever wondered why some premium vehicles on the dealers showroom floor looks extremely glossy?  Well that is because most premium cars on the show floor have Ceramic Coatings to gain attraction and protect the vehicle from customers viewing the vehicle. However, the installer must be an accredited detailer.

​What makes WashDoc different from other detailing services?

WashDoc stands out from other detailing services in several ways. Firstly, we prioritize your peace of mind by being fully insured and offering a workmanship warranty on all of our Ceramic Coating services. This means that you can trust in the quality of our work and have the assurance that we stand behind it. Furthermore, we go the extra mile by providing guarantees on selected ceramic coatings, ensuring that your vehicle remains protected for the long term. With WashDoc, you can have confidence in our professionalism and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

​Why choose WashDoc to ceramic coat my car/bike/boat in Cape Town?

WashDoc is the ultimate choice when it comes to ceramic coating your vehicle in Cape Town. With our professional approach and expertise, you can trust that your car, bike, or boat will receive top-notch treatment. The team at WashDoc is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring that your vehicle is protected and looks its best. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose WashDoc for all your ceramic coating needs in Cape Town.

Gtechniq Accreditation
Nasiol ProClub - WashDoc
PPF being added to a vehicle

Paint Protection Film (PPF) Coming Soon

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