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Paint Protection Film (PPF)



What Is Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film is the ultimate defense against damage. It is a highly advanced, virtually invisible film layer that improves the performance of your automotive paint, making it less vulnerable to the harsh elements of the road such as rock chips, scratches, and malicious damage,

Why Choose WashDoc For PPF

WashDoc will introduce PPF with self-healing capabilities. A game-changer, taking performance to exceptional levels, a PPF film capable of healing Itself when scratched.

PPF vs Ceramic Coating

At WashDoc, we don't settle for anything but the best for protecting your vehicle: Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Ceramic Coating.


PPF provides a strong layer of protection that acts as a barrier against rock chips, scratches, and other types of damage.


Ceramic Coating offers a durable layer of protection with a shiny finish, which is best for protecting your vehicle's paintwork against UV rays, dirt, and other environmental damage.

PPF is more expensive than professional ceramic coating. However, options such as frontal PPF to the front of the vehicle only will assist you in protecting the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle from chip marks. Depending on your budget you could ceramic coat the back half of the vehicle to prevent discoloration and environmental damage.

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