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Perforated Leather Cleaning Tips: How to Keep Your Seats Looking Like New

Updated: Apr 12

Perforated Leather Cleaning Tips: How to Keep Your Seats Looking Like New

Perforated Leather seen on many cars today is leather that goes through a machine that punches small holes in the leather at regular intervals.

These tiny holes improve air circulation to increase comfort. The breathable leather is capable of controlling temperatures much better compared to normal leather, which means less sweating therefore they are commonly found in vehicles with heated seats. They allow for a softer cushion as the air holes allow the cushion to easily come back to its original shape.

However, dirt particles are easily trapped in these tiny holes and this can cause mould/bacteria in the cushion if the dirt stuck inside are food particles.

So how do we clean perforated leather?

How to clean Perforated Leather, start with a good vacuum on the seats, and make sure that the tip of the vacuum has rubber or masking on to prevent scratches, this will extract all fine particles. if the vehicle has leather seats, turn the heater on and apply seat cleaner with a boar hair detailing brush or soft shoe brush, this will remove and loosen all dirt, then apply a wet/dry vacuum to extract/lift moisture. After inspecting, if there is still stubborn dirt trapped use a pick or toothpick to agitate the clogged dirt. Once loose, vacuum again to lift the dirt.

Cleaning Perforated Leather
Perforated Leather

Don't have heated seats?

Use a pressure steam cleaner. However, you don’t want to be too close to the leather seats you’re cleaning. Instead, you want to be a few centimetres away. first spray detergent (seat cleaner or multi-purpose) onto the leather and add some steam or add detergent directly to the steam cleaner. This process should remove the stains and dirt easily. Don’t stay in one place too long, keep the steamer moving. Don't over-spray as you don't want too much heat and you don't want too much moisture. The quicker the seat can dry the better! Don't forget to extract with a wet/dry vacuum when done.

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