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Braking Bad: The Effect of Brake Dust Pollution on Our Environment

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Dangers Of Brake Dust Pollution

Brake dust is a major component of air pollution and contributes up to 20% of traffic-related particles compared to 7% from exhaust emissions.

This number is only expected to increase as introduced policies and technologies focus only on reducing exhaust emissions. According to a UK study, the metal particles from the abrasion of brake pads may cause inflammation and reduce the ability of immune cells to kill bacteria. A team of UK scientists says this suggests that particulate pollution from brake wear could be contributing to increased susceptibility to airway infections and other negative effects on respiratory health.

Cleaning Of Brake Dust

It is essential to regularly clean and detail the wheels and brake system components to prevent excess brake dust accumulation. Regular wash soap might not work in removing accumulated brake dust. Instead, use a dedicated rim product to clean your rims.

Rims being detailed for removal of brake dust
Brake dust pollution on wheels

The purple chemical shown in this picture is a chemical reaction against brake dust to remove these contaminants sticking to the rim. The liquid sprayed on the rim is actually transparent and turns purple when mixed with brake dust and industrial fallout. As you can see most of the brake dust is imbedded by the rim vents/openings.

Regular cleaning of the wheels reduces brake dust pollution by preventing build-up. WashDoc recommends weekly washing to effectively prevent build-up. Not only would you prevent brake dust pollution but you will also be maintaining your vehicle by preventing damage to your interior and exterior from build-up dirt and bird droppings.

If you have a vehicle that needs to be detailed, give us a call today at 0213000286 or book now to combat brake dust pollution.


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