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Worker polishing a car

Experience Like-New Shine with Machine Polish Services

At WashDoc, we offer professional Machine Polishing, buffing and Paint Correction services. Whether you're looking to restore your vehicle to showroom condition, or even just give it a good clean-up, WashDoc has you covered.

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Machine Polishing / Buffing

Please select the polishing services you would like

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Washdoc glaze

From R750

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autoglym glaze

From R900

CarPro Logo

carpro ceramic polish

From R1500

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From R1800



Please select the paint correction services you would like

Paint correction permanently removes scratches, swirls, orange peel, and imperfections

Polishing Machine

up to 70% scratch and swirl Removal

From R3200

Polishing Machine

85% scratch and swirl Removal

From R6500

Polishing Machine

95% scratch and swirl Removal

From R10000

Machine Polisher

Show Room  correction

From R16000

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WashDoc FAQ: Machine Polishing

Q: What is WashDoc?
A: WashDoc is a high-quality auto detailing service that will clean and restore your vehicle to its former glory. We offer a range of services, including exterior and interior detailing, waxing, and more.

Q: What is buffing?
A: Buffing is just another term used for machine polishing

Q: What is paint enhancement?
A: Paint enhancement is a process that involves using various polishes and compounds to improve the shine and gloss of a car's paint. This process is less aggressive than paint correction but can still remove or hide minor imperfections and swirls. 
Q: What is paint correction / paintless scratch removal?    
A: Paint correction, also known as paintless scratch removal, is a process that involves permanently removing scratches, swirls, and other imperfections from a car's paint. This involves using specialized tools and techniques to carefully remove imperfections, leaving the paint looking as good as new.    
Q: How much does WashDoc charge for their machine polishing services?    
A: Our polishing prices starts from R750

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