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    Get your car looking like new with our premium mobile car wash service at WashDoc. Our foam wash is PH neutral, ensuring that your car’s paint job is safe. We’ll wash your wheels and tires, apply tire shine, clean your windows, and vacuum your interior. We’ll even wipe and polish your interior and add an air freshener upon request. For an extra special touch, we’ll hand polish or apply a quick detailer to your car’s exterior.

  • Basic Headlight Restoration - MOBILE

    At WashDoc, we understand the importance of clear and safe headlights. Our Basic Headlight Restoration service is designed to restore your headlights to their original shine, improving visibility and safety on the road. This service is expected to last up to 6 months and includes a premium polish for better clarity. For even longer protection, we recommend adding our optional UV sealant for an additional fee. Trust us to keep you safe on the road with our quality auto care services. Pricing starts at R500 for a set.


    Get your vehicle ready for the off-road adventures with WashDoc’s Off-Road Basic service. Our exterior wash package includes a Touchless Pre-Wash to remove mud and dirt without causing any swirl marks. Our team then gives your vehicle a Physical Outside wash and a Load-bin wash (if applicable) to ensure that every inch is spotless. We also pay special attention to the diff and engine guard, rinsing them off with a pleasured sprayer. Our Wheel wash and Tire shine service will ensure that your wheels and tires look as good as new. Book now and get your vehicle ready to take on any terrain

  • Wheel Lining Dressing

    At WashDoc, we know that the details matter when it comes to keeping your vehicle looking its best. That’s why we offer our Clean and Dress Wheel Lining service. Our experts will thoroughly clean and dress your full reachable wheel lining to give it a brand-new look. Trust us to take care of the details so your car can look and run like new.

  • Pet Hair Removal

    Does your car need a little TLC after a furry road trip? Look no further than WashDoc's pet hair removal service. Our team uses gentle techniques to remove stubborn pet hair, leaving your car looking and smelling fresher than ever. Say goodbye to those pesky pet hairs and hello to a cleaner ride with WashDoc.

  • Caliper Armour

    Give your brake calipers the ultimate protection with WashDoc’s Caliper Armour service. Our highly durable coating repels brake dust and contaminants, making them easier to maintain and keeping your wheels looking great. With excellent stain and contaminant resistance, the coating will retain its integrity even at high temperatures up to 600C (1112F). Plus, with our 2-year brake caliper protection, you can enjoy driving with peace of mind knowing that your calipers are protected for the long haul. Trust WashDoc for all your auto care needs.

  • Aircon Treatment

    Get your car's air conditioning back to top condition with WashDoc's Aircon Treatment. Our team will thoroughly disinfect your car's air conditioning system, ensuring that you and your passengers breathe clean, fresh air while driving. Say goodbye to stale and musty smells and hello to a comfortable and safe ride. Trust WashDoc for all your auto care needs.


    Keep your vehicle in top condition with WashDoc's BASIC Off-Road Detailing service. Our touchless pre-wash and detailed outside wash will leave your car looking brand new. We even include a load-bin wash (if applicable) and a thorough undercarriage rinse with a pressure sprayer. Our heavy-duty cleaner will also rinse off your rear diff and engine guard. We'll also take care of your wheels with a tire shine and clean your windows. Once the outside is taken care of, we'll vacuum the interior, wipe and polish it, and steam clean it if needed. We'll even give your exterior a hand polish and polish the stainless steel. Trust us to give your vehicle the care it deserves. Regular customers enjoy a free engine wash.

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