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Revive the Shine with WashDoc's Mobile Car Wash & Professional Detailing

At WashDoc, we proudly offer exceptional mobile car washing and auto detailing services. We are experts in ceramic coating, paint touch-ups, interior valets, paint correction, and headlight restoration. Our marine detailing services in Cape Town are unmatched in quality, and our mobile service ensures that you can have your car washed anywhere, at any time. Choose WashDoc for impeccable detailing services that go above and beyond.









“Professionalism is an understatement. Quick, satisfying, friendly, thorough, punctual and proud staff is what I can say. I am a highly satisfied customer and will definitely use them again. Thanks team! Keep up the good work!"


Our Services


Get your car booked online with WashDoc, the finest mobile car wash in Cape Town. With a few simple steps we'll be at your door ready to wash in no time


WashDoc offers comprehensive auto detailing services so that your vehicle will look and feel its best. With a team of experienced professionals, their meticulous car detailing processes will ensure that your vehicle gets the shine and sparkle it deserves.


Experience the ultimate auto detailing service with our Interior Valet. We provide a deep clean that removes stains, improves the air quality in your vehicle, and leaves your car looking and smelling brand new. Our team takes pride in delivering top-quality service, and we go above and beyond to ensure each customer is satisfied with the results.


Our Ceramic Coating service is the ultimate protection against environmental damage that your vehicle may encounter. At our Auto Detailing service, we use a cutting-edge ceramic coating formula to provide long-lasting protection to your car's exterior. Give your car the protection it needs to stay looking like new for years to come, and schedule your appointment today!


At our Auto Detailing service, we specialize in Polishing and Paint Correction to give your vehicle a stunning shine. Our team is equipped with advanced polishing techniques to remove any scratches or swirls from your car's paint and achieve a flawless finish. Get ready to drive in style after experiencing our exceptional service.


WashDoc offers professional headlight restoration services that will make your headlights look new. They use only the finest products and techniques to make your headlights shine brighter, last longer, and provide optimum visibility for safe driving at night.


At WashDoc, we specialize in providing comprehensive auto body repair services that will get you back on the road quickly and safely. We understand the importance of your vehicle, which is why we handle every project with the utmost care, precision, and attention to detail. From touch-ups to spray painting and spot repairs, our professional team has the experience and skills necessary to restore your vehicle.


At WashDoc, we understand how important it is to keep your marine vessel looking and running its best. That’s why we provide expert detailing services for boats, yachts, and jetskis. Our comprehensive cleaning services include everything from washes and waxes to ceramic coatings. Our team is trained to protect your vessel from the elements, so you can spend more time enjoying your watercraft and less time worrying about maintenance.

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Get to Know Us

Nestled in a peaceful corner of a small town, WashDoc quietly made its mark. Established in 2018, it began as a simple truck detailing business founded by a father and his dedicated son. United by their love for restoring vehicles, they embarked on a shared journey.
The father, an experienced auto specialist, had passed down to his son a deep appreciation for the art of revealing the hidden beauty within vehicles. With a humble open-air garage and basic tools, their dedication to making every vehicle shine was unwavering. They transformed trucks into gleaming masterpieces, a testament to their commitment to excellence.
The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 brought unexpected challenges. People stayed home, and the demand for truck detailing plummeted. Adapting to the new circumstances, they shifted their focus to car detailing without compromising on quality.
As the world slowly healed, WashDoc's reputation for excellence grew. In 2023, they reopened with a renewed commitment to quality and accessibility in premium car care, believing that every car deserved to shine. Their journey was a touching testament to resilience and adaptability in a changing world, guided by a deep love for their craft.


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