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Service Description

Exterior Touchless Pre Wash - Detailed Outside wash. Load-bin wash included (if applicable) Undercarriage rinsed off with pleasured sprayer; Rear diff and engine guard rinsed with heavy-duty cleaner. Wheel Arches/lining Washed, window spacing/gaps found on front windscreen brushed with soap. Clay Bar treatment and decontamination on the Body ​Engine Bay Engine Cleaned and Nourished Wheels Rims, tyres, tyre shine, wheel-lining shine, Inward facing of tyres cleaned\ Windows Interior and exterior window clean Vacuum seats, gaps between seats, floor & boot Interior Wipe, polish and treat Dashboard - gaps brushed and treated UV protector Doors - vacuumed brushed, Steam cleaned and treated UV protector Middle console - Brushed Steam cleaned and treated UV protector The rear-view mirror wiped down and the back of the mirror hand hand-polished Sun Visor - Cleaned The steering wheel wiped and polished mildly (the Gap between the Dash and steering brushed out and polished) Perforated Leather (Clogged Holes) Detailed (Seats) Seats - Brushed down, vacuumed, Steam cleaned where applicable Cubbyhole - Vacuumed, wiped down, and hand-polished Gear-levers - Vacuumed, brushed, and hand-polished Speedometer - Brushed and wiped Seat Belt covers - Wiped and hand-polished Door/boot Jams - Brushed with soap water Floor mats - brushed and shampooed Door rubbers - Brushed and nourished Pedals - Cleaned Air Vents - Brushed & Steam cleaned Air freshener - New Car Scent G-Techniq Liquid Resistant Seat Protection Applied. Paint Correction & Buff - Exterior Treatment 1-step paint correction to permanently remove light scratches and swirl marks Stainless steel polished Plastic and rubber nourished 3-year ceramic coating - 3 years of protection against environmental damage ​Electricity and water are required (We will have a generator for backup) Free WashDoc window vinyl (optional) Free license disc sticker (on request) No Hidden Costs

  • 8 000 South African rand
  • Customer's Place

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please give us 1-hour notice before the time. Cancelations within 1-hour of the booking will be subjected to a 20% fee.

Contact Details


416 Schaapkraal Road, Schaapkraal, Cape Town, South Africa

Professionalism is an understatement. Quick, satisfying, friendly, thorough, punctual and proud staff is what I can say. I am a highly satisfied customer and will definitely use them again. Thanks team! Keep up the good work!

Cait Juliet

Very good service! And they come to your house! My car is old and was very dusty and they gave it a new lease on life. I feel great driving around in my clean little carretjie ❤️ Thank you!
A fantastic service! I managed to get an appointment on the day. The team arrived on time and were friendly and courteous. And they did a great job!
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